by seventeen years




a work in progress..

this album is for all of the friends i used to have


released 06 July 2014



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Track Name: escapism
i woke up
and im like a frustrated parasite
i hate everything that consists of matter
already twitching before i open my eyes
like a fucking half smashed spider
and so i make my rounds
i start fires and i want to burn the sky down
i curse at children and i firmly believe in only myself
and it’s exhausting but it’s better than
taking the time to actually learn how to tie
a noose and then there’s the issue of
finding a sturdy and safe enough
location to fasten my neck onto the heavenward elevator
and i kick the trash people leave on the ground
as i walk around looking for a fight
and it happens like
when you catch a glimpse
of something that you think
may actually be that which you’ve longed for
like finally smelling the salt and
seeing the edge of the ocean
you see the tail ends of her quiet brown hair flick upwards as she moves around
and i bet to myself “when she wakes up
she doesnt interrupt her hair, she doesnt force it into something
so it looks as unwound as her shoulders get when she takes a deep breath”
she lifts a lock and rolls it behind her ear with her thin fingers
as she turns the first thing i see is the corner of her eye lashes
jutting out like curled black bamboo from aside her cheek bones
and then the corner of her smile
so tightly pressed but soft and relaxed
racing around her mouth
hugging the corners like the bend in her bobby pins
and suddenly i dont know what to say