by seventeen years

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released June 4, 2015

Everything was written, recorded, and produced by Tony Freijat with the exception of "saudade" which was written by Blake Johnson and Aaron Hurtado along with Tony.

album artwork/graphics: James Collver
pictures taken by: Andrea Gnefkow



all rights reserved


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seventeen years Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: first time
i know you're stuck in the middle
though your heart beats soft
i feel stupid
and i feel in love
but we just dont talk
and thats just how it is
baked out
naked in your bed sheets
crawling through the ash tray
never know what she needs
i feel useless
and who knows what else
and you just dont call
so i just dont care
and i dont have anyone tonight
i dont have anyone tonight

who would you make me out to be?

stay up all night
pass out all around
you're not alright
no one has to know
Track Name: best friends
what'd you say?
i dont wanna hear it right now
what'd you say?
i dont wanna hear you right now
you take away
all the right things
you made it up
you know you dont care
and i for one
know where i stand
yeah i forgot
why i should care

and im easier to deal with
when im high as fuck

you know
im fine
so have another drink
and i dont mind
im just another freak
you laugh it off
and i feel so alone
you laugh it off
so i am going home
Track Name: dread
until i
am all you got

i dont wanna wait around no more

but no
im right here waiting
im right here always

dont you think its time that you should give it up?
dont you think its time that you should learn the right way?
Track Name: crosses
i know everything
about you but i
know nothing
about myself
can i see you sometime tonight?
when will you stop crossing your arms?
dont stop when you think you're smothering me
i dont care if i can't breathe at all
i've spent enough time waiting
and i can't wait anymore
Track Name: saudade
it's so hard when you feel it like rain coming on
if i wasnt so literal
you'd be right here
i'd be alright
and i dont want to feel so empty yet
so breathe, wont you breathe?
when did this get so serious?
are you okay?
can you hear me?

and why should i worry all the time?
cause its always on my mind